Saturday, April 02, 2005

Brownback Seeks to Destroy Sanctity of Marriage

According to a Kansas City Star article, Brownback wants to eradicate the long standing right of a husband or wife to make health decisions about their spouse:

Brownback, a Republican with close ties to the party's social conservative base, said he hoped that in the aftermath of the Schiavo case, states would pass laws making it illegal to withhold food and hydration unless the person authorized otherwise in a living will.

But if states do not take action, Brownback said, he is open to sponsoring legislation that would require it.

Senator Brownback of 2005, meet Senator Brownback of 2003:

“In response to those who are trying to destroy the legal status of marriage, a constitutional response is necessary... We must all work to protect marriage and the family, which comprises the fabric of our society”
Utter hypocrisy from a politician who epitomizes the word. Apparently he only agrees with the rights of marriage when they are used in a manner that he approves.


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